M. N. Prescott Valley, AZ

They have items I can't find anywhere else, and the staff is helpful.  I like the new building...it's more open and it's easier to find what I'm looking for!

Amy M. Scottsdale, AZ

I never thought that I would be raving about honey. Yet, here I am. My friends  probably think I'm delusional when I go on and on about how good The Honeyman's honey truly is. After I get out the many jars my husband and I own, and re-create our own tasting, they all leave asking us for the address.

Hands down, my all time favorite is the Wild Mountain Pecan. This is the flavor that lured us into locating this store. The dark amber color only eludes to the caramel and nuttiness flavor that will take your experience with honey to a whole new level. True story: my dad enjoyed this honey so much, he practically ate the whole bottle and had to buy us a new one to replace it. My other favorite is the Fairy Duster. Unfortunately, this flavor is seasonal and if they do have it in stock, it goes fast. It is reminiscent of a wild flower honey, but it has a lot more depth of flavor. Brittle Bush is a new addition and I have to say, the cool citrus essence I get from it is very refreshing. This too, is not a dark honey, but you would never guess it. I have tried every single honey they have on the shelf (yes, taste testing is encouraged!), and the extraordinary and complex flavors available will tell you this producer is a master at honey making.

The new building that was just built is really nice and they even have a new parking lot too. Along with honey, they sell whole foods. Everything from dried beans, spices, oils, dried fruit, to beeswax products. I purchased the lotion bar made of beeswax and my hands are incredibly soft from using it. The Honeyman also sells other products with their name on it as well. Apple butter, salsas, pie fillings, and much more. You will even find some farmer market produces available.

However, the honey is where it's at! The varietal options and complex depth of flavors of each one will leave you oohing and awing. This is a gourmet delight in honey that, my friends, you will want to get your hands on.

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Angela P. Glendale, AZ 

I LOVE going to The Honeyman, it is the only place I will buy my tea and honey. Every time I go everyone is very helpful in answering questions and they even sell healthy snacks for way cheaper than the grocery store. I definitely recommend people to go here and check it out!
Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Allgood, Sr

We have been buying honey from this merchant for a very long time. Our parents introduced us to The Honeyman many years ago, others in the family buy also. When we go to AZ. from where we live in Utah, we always buy honey to bring back up here. The quality is excellent and there are many varieties available. We would recommend anyone who is traveling even close to Prescott or Prescott Valley, look these people up and purchase honey from them. Excellent buy. We will see them and buy from them again the next time we are in Arizona. There are friendly people in the stores and they love to talk about their product and answer any of your questions. If you are going, please, save any large pickle jars, with lids, glass only, that you might have and take them to the store. They buy them for a couple of dollars. They are badly in need of gallon glass jars. Other sizes I'm not sure about. THANK YOU HONEYMAN!!! WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCT.

 If you would like to leave a review please Contact Us!Call for more Info - 928-772-3530. Two amazing locations to serve you.


BEST prices right HERE for HoneyMan Honeys... We paid almost twice as much in our hometown plus not the same amount of variety and sizes. I dont know the reasons for the mark up in my town but this was well worth the drive....

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My husband and I discovered this store on our anniversary in Prescott. It is full of raw honey products, bee pollen, all natural canned preserves of all sorts, and many bags of candy and dried fruit and such that the seller claimed were of the highest quality (and they taste like they are!) . We had never heard of people using bee pollen as a supplement before or it's beneficial qualities but the man selling was so informative that we ended up buying some and are really glad we did. We also bought several jars of the honey (blackberry creamed, fairyduster, and wildflower) and they are all delicious. We also bought some jerky labeled hot jerky or something like that and it was so delicious my husband ran in and bought more and then we stopped again for more on our way out of Prescott. The only negative regarding the place was that it was kind of dirty inside. Lot's of dust everywhere. But who cares when it comes to great products such as they sell, right? I highly recommend this place.

We stopped in your store when visiting from Tucson to purchase some honey and boy were we delighted to find helpful, nice and knowledeable employees. I wish we could have bought a jar in every flavor because what we did purchase was outstanding. We especially enjoyed the comb honey - so hard to find in Tucson and just heavenly to taste. Thank you Honeyman! We will DEFINITELY stop in when we visit again.

Hollye H. Los Angeles, CA

Stopped in for some road trip snacks and was thoroughly impressed with The Honeyman. Lots of baggies of dried fruits, nuts, grains, flours... so much deliciousness under one roof. And their prices were great. Next time I'm in town I'll have to try their honey.

James G. Phoenix, AZ 

They have a great selection of items here, including many local honeys which are awesome in home brewing. I also love all of the herbs and the interesting sodas.