Our honey is 100% raw, unfiltered and no water added.  The bees do all the work and we sell it :)

We have many different sizes of honey in our 2 locations. If you have any more questions please feel free to call us at the Prescott Valley store at 928-772-3530 or the at Prescott store at 928-445-9518.
                      PLEASE CALL FOR PRICES!

Our Honey

MESQUITE:  A chapparal honey with a robust flavor.  This honey is harvested from the Black Canyon City, Bumblebee, Cleator, Mayer, and Wickenburg/Congress areas of Arizona.  A local honey harvested in April and May during Northern Arizona's peak blooming season.   This the honey we use for seasonal allergies during Spring and Summer in the quad-city areas.

PRESCOTT WILDFLOWER:  Prescott's Pride, this wild buckwheat variety is a favorite of our many customers, coveted by those that prefer using a local honey for their sweetening needs.  Harvested in August and September from Mingus Mountain and the Yarnell areas of Arizona.  This honey you will be proud to share with your family and friends.  This is the honey we use for seasonal allergies during fall and winter in the quad-city areas.

DESERT (BLUE) CLOVER:  A thicker, richer, more tradtional tasting honey, that is more flavorful than any clover honey you'll find in a supermarket.  A great general purpose honey, whether for toast or tea.  Try it on a peanut butter and honey sandwich today, excellent on sweet potatoes, too!  This honey originates from alfalfa fields in Florence and Buckeye, Arizona.

​FAIRY DUSTER:  (Extremely rare)   No tempting you with a description of this one!  When it comes in, stock up while our limited quantities last!  With the drought we don't know when we'll be getting any.  This one is very dependent on having ideal weather conditions to be harvested.

Call for more Info - 928-772-3530.  Two amazing locations to serve you.

CAMELTHORN:  (Limited availability)  The sweetest, most traditional tasting honey in Arizona.  This honey is a perfect honey for someone with a sweet tooth.  Collected in Holbrook, Arizona.

WILD MOUNTAIN (PECAN):  ​Not all honey is created equal and this one surprises many!  This is a very intense honey with an extremely strong and complex flavor, reminding many of a taste similar to molasses.  Use as you would any honey. or try it as a substitute for molasses in your favorite recipes (baked beans or even barbecue sauces). This one is excellent in a bowl or oatmeal and even better in coffee. Originating from Pecan groves south of Tucson.

CATCLAW:  A mild desert honey; very sweet.  Originating in Wickenburg, Arizona  A favorite of tea drinkers!  This is a mild honey that sweetens tea without disrupting the teas delicate flavor.

ORANGE BLOSSOM:  ​A honey that has a mild, sweet taste, that leaves a lingering citrus flavor on the palate.   This is a perfect general baking, toast or tea honey.  This honey is the "darling" of most mead makers!  This honey is collected from citrus groves in Yuma, Arizona when available.  Occasionally we get this honey from California or other sources upon availability.​

PINE WILDFLOWER:  This variety is a wild buckwheat honey from the Camp Verde and Payson areas.  Harvested at an equal elevation to Prescott's, it tends to be a bit on the stronger side.  It is excellent in home-baked breads!